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    Bayern 3 is a radio station owned and operated by Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), a German public media group. Bayern 3 Live began operations on April 1, 1971, and focused on pop music.

    The main program includes pop, R&B, rock and other genres. This radio station is located in Munich, Germany.

    This is a free commercial radio that can be heard on any device like laptop, computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc. Its main language is German.

    There are many programs and programs available on the BR website. Some of them are based on culture, politics and science. Others are based on sports.

    BR also produces several podcasts. Among them are Scheibenwischer and "Bayerischer Fernsehspiel", a political tavern.

    Some shows have been criticized for xenophobia and sexism. For example, in February 2021, the host of Bayern 3, Matthias Matuschik, faced criticism for his xenophobic speech towards South Korean boy band BTS.

    In response to the criticism, Matuschik deleted his Instagram account on February 28, 2021. However, he was soon criticized when it was discovered that he had posted more racist comments. on your account.

    Listen to online radio bayern 3 live on your computer, smartphone or tablet. You can find many different radio stations from all over the world. This list includes popular radio stations from Germany as well as other countries. All of these radio stations are free to listen to without having to subscribe to a particular service.
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